Donate To Us

Giving back. Making a Difference.

Your gift, no matter how small, will have genuine impact on the lives and livelihoods of Maasai and Samburu families here, as well as on wildlife and their habitat.

This is a virtuous circle: conservation allows economic development, and economic development incentivises conservation.

Here are some examples… (but please do not feel constrained or obliged by these)


The cost of conservation is high. Investment in conservation, thoughts at the root of any economic development here – whether that be livestock production, tourism, bio-enterprise or carbon sequestration. Our ability to continue and expand this work depends on YOU.

See what the money you donate can do…

  • $3000

    $3000 per year to keep 1 Ranger actively on the ground to protect this amazing wildlife habitat

  • $45,000

    $45,000 will buy a new patrol vehicle for our security team. With a single patrol vehicle to patrol 40,000 acres, this would vastly increase the rangers’ effectiveness.

  • $15,000

    $15,000 will cover the costs of keeping our patrol vehicle in the field for one year.

  • $20,000

    $20,000 will pay for a refresher course for the rangers in anti-poaching and security provided by a world-class outfit such as 51 Degrees.

  • $20

    $20 buys a pair of Ranger’s boots.


We need your help to maintain our current programmes and implement new ones.

Categories for gifts include buildings, equipment, teaching resources, and sports facilities. We also have a programme for providing meals to schools (as the government of Kenya is unable to provide regular school feeding).

Our Quality of Teaching and Learning Fund pays teacher salaries (there is insufficient state funding for teachers), and fees for bright and committed young local people to train and get qualified at good quality Teacher Training Colleges, and to return here to contribute their skills to their own community.

See what the money you donate can buy…

  • $1500

    $1500 funds the salary of a junior teacher for 1 year

  • $750

    $750 puts a young person through a 2 year teacher training college programme

  • $400

    $400 pays for a child’s secondary school fees for 1 year

  • $100

    $100 feeds one young child for a year at primary school

  • $10

    $10 buys a lunch for 20 school children or buys a school uniform.