Education at Ol Lentille Trust

We support 7 community Primary schools: Kimanjo, Ngabolo, Musul, Naiperere, Nkiloriti, Raap, and Parkurruk and a further 3 nursery schools: Narasha, Rumate and Tiemamut. In February 2011 we opened Kimanjo Secondary School with phase one of buildings, books, teachers and students who cannot afford boarding fees elsewhere. Phase three is now complete with 2 further classrooms, a science laboratory, and an administration building, and a student population of over 140. We have a three-year development plan to complete the school. In addition we have built classrooms at Nkiloriti and Parkurruk Primary Schools, and kitchens and installed fuel-efficient, low-smoke stoves in 11 local schools.

We also support the Headteachers and local Chiefs to ensure full enrolment in Primary school. In Kenya, primary education is compulsory and tuition is free. Nevertheless, custom and rural poverty militate against girl education especially, and we focus on finding solutions to this problem.

Ngabolo School

Since 2007 we have built Ngabolo School, already running at full 8 year capacity with 480 pupils, classrooms, nursery, library, two boarding houses (the larger one for girls), and administration buildings, books, teaching equipment, fencing, vegetable garden and water tanks, plus housing for 6 teachers.
Rehabilitation of the nearby dam has provided clean water to the community and water is pumped up to the school to a large holding tank.
Other building projects have taken place at Nkiloriti and Musul (
Laptops have been donated to Kimanjo and Ngabolo.


  • We employ 21 teachers and assistants in Primary, Secondary and Nursery schools.
  • Bursaries for secondary education are awarded to the most needy and brightest.
  • The mothers sew uniforms with machines and materials donated by guests.
  • Food is purchased for Nkiloriti Primary School throughout the year and additional food is bought for Ngabolo and Kimanjo to supplement inadequate government stocks.
  • We have also been privileged to have been able to attract interns/gappers as well as experienced teachers from overseas to teach and advise on teaching.

Quality of Teaching and Learning Fund

Through our Quality of Teaching and Learning Fund, we are training 7 new teachers, and 5 of our current teachers have completed training. All teachers are local community members.

The majority of our past and present staff at Ol Lentille are local community members, and thus we have provided a large variety of training ranging from catering and housekeeping to guiding, driving and beauty therapy.

Our Quality of Teaching and Learning Fund pays teacher salaries (there is insufficient state funding for teachers), and fees for bright and committed young local people to train and get qualified at good quality Teacher Training Colleges, and to return here to contribute their skills to their own community.


So far, too, generous people have funded two of our young people to go to University. Good University education in Kenya is extremely expensive – £20,000 for a first degree. Our first student, Christine Sinore graduated 2010 in Sociology. Timothy ole Mosiany, Operations Manager and Head Guide at The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille, graduated in Conservation and Rangeland Management from the University of Nairobi in 2012. Three other local young people are also being sponsored at Universities in Kenya. We would like to give many more young people the opportunity of high quality tertiary education.

We continuously host a range of volunteer students and experienced teachers from the US and Europe to work in the schools, teaching English, computer skills, sport, setting up web sites and working with our Become a Friend™ schools

Become a Friend to School Children in Africa

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