Enterprise at Ol Lentille Trust

Currently, the local economy is almost wholly reliant on livestock production and tourism. Our area of influence covers a population of over 10,000 people and almost 1000 square kilometres. The Ol Lentille Project as a whole provides employment to well over 100 people.

A Better Future

We aim to enable significant diversification into bio-enterprise and carbon trading over the next 5 years. Our model for bio-enterprise MUST include downstream added-value processing. Primary production is not enough. We will help the community to refine the honey. They will extract the essence from the aloes. They will tan the hides.

We have completed the carbon baseline survey for the target area. We have both ground and satellite monitoring in place. We think we can improve soil organic carbon by 0.1% per year for at least 15 years. International verification is currently being sought. The value to participating communities of this commodity in international markets might be as much as £5 million over the 15 year period before vegetation and soil quality improvement plateaus.

As well, major improvements in grazing management, animal husbandry,  and sensitive increases in tourism capacity can be achieved. Enabling and advising promising entrepreneurs is also central to our agenda.


The project centred on The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille and Regenesis Limited has delivered over £150,000 per year in total economic benefit to the community during the past three years. This has doubled per capita income from £2 per day to about £4 per day. The economic model is working and, with your help, can, and clearly must, be scaled up.

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