Healthcare at Ol Lentille Trust

The Ol Lentille Trust was instrumental in supporting Kenya’s Ministry of Health in Laikipia North and the Oldonyiro area of Isiolo county in setting up the healthcare infrastructure to support the 10,000 people living closest to the Ol Lentille Conservancy.


Thanks to generous gifts from the Ruth Lilly Foundation and the Hestia Foundation, we were able to set up the Nabakisho Healthcare Programme, which deployed a community nurse, 34 community workers and a mobile clinic vehicle to cover the Ol Lentille area.

The Healthcare programme conducted mobile clinics, a feeding programme for HIV patients, a women’s health and FGM education programme, a vaccination programme and a school healthcare education programme.

In 2013, with support from the Ruth Lilly Foundation, the Ol Lentille Trust built and equipped a 36-bed class 4 hospital in Kimanjo, complete with operating theatre, maternity suite, radiography lab, HIV/TB clinic and nutritionist.

The Trust facilitated the design, building, staffing and funding of the hospital, which was then handed over to the county government in 2014.

Kimanjo Hospital - 2013 project by Ol Lentille Trust
Community Development & Enterprise at Ol Lentille Trust

This construction included the use of interlocking blocks which we were able to make from local materials, using very little cement thanks to the hydraform machine pictured here.

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Kimanjo Hospital - 2013 project by Ol Lentille Trust

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