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The Ol Lentille Trust was founded in 2005, with the aim of supporting Conservation, Education, Healthcare, and Water Management in an area of the Laikipia North and Isiolo districts of northern Kenya. Having completed the building and equipping of a Level 4 hospital, as well as a system of bore holes and water dams, the Trust’s current priorities are Conservation and Education. Our 15-year effort to create a 40,000-acre conservancy has resulted in the rewilding of a remote and beautiful part of Africa, with flora and fauna having returned in numbers not seen in human memory. The sustainability of the Conservancy, in a semi-arid part of the country, is a never-ending endeavour, with droughts and illegal grazing by pastoralists constant threats to the health of its flora and fauna.

The tourism activity made possible by the Ol Lentille Conservancy benefits the community through the direct employment of over 60 staff, who support an estimated 500 family members. The healthcare system, schools and water systems enabled by the Trust benefit the 10,000 people who live around the Ol Lentille Conservancy.

Our focus on education enables children of the community to find career opportunities outside of pastoralism, which in turn releases pressure on the Conservancy. The Trust and our sister company, the Sanctuary at Ol Lentille, primarily employ local community members. Other young, educated people often go on to find good jobs in other fields around the country.

About the Trust

The Trust is a partnership with the Masai and Samburu communities surrounding Ol Lentille mountain, the second highest point in Laikipia, Kenya.

The Trust comprises its Kenya NGO, the Ol Lentille Trust Kenya, its US 501(c)(3)  the Ol Lentille Foundation, and a UK registered charity, the Ol Lentille Trust.

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The Trust supports Maasai and Samburu Community Development. Ol Lentille Trust is determined, with YOUR help to make a very deep, lasting and sensitive impression in a small place which will positively impact the lives and livelihoods of a traditional but dynamic people. See how you can help…


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