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Our Addresses

Ol Lentille Trust
Reg. No. 1135347
Romden Road
Kent TN27 8QZ

Email: mkyne at lindaremedical dot co dot uk

Ol Lentille Trust Kenya
Reg. No. OP.218/051/12-092/9025
PO Box 1512
Nanyuki 10400

Email: director at ol-lentilletrust dot org
Tel: +254 20 204 7491

Ol Lentille Foundation
The Hodson Law Firm, PC
1129 East 17th Avenue
Denver, Colorado  80218

Email: hodson at coloradobusinesslaw dot com

Stichting Vrienden van Ol Lentille
Nicolaas Witsenkade 15-huis
1017 ZS

Email: ernstfab at xs4all dot nl